Chris Kostopoulos explaining the limits of the democratic debate in institutional media during the three memoranda that shaped the last 10 years of life in Greece.

Nick Karfakis on the embodied experience of unemployment through depoliticisation.

Matteo Ciccognani on meta-cinematic gestures, pure cinema and self-reflexivity

Marco Checchi pointing at neglected historical perspective during his presentation on the Primacy of Resistance.

Kostas Gouliamos on the importance of critique in academia against the neoliberalisation of Universities.

George Kokkinides on self-organising within and beyond capitalism in contemporary Greece.

Thrasos Nerantzis, Chrystalleni Loizidou and Evi Tselika on community art and technology as commons.

Gaia Zaccagni explaining the culture of Rembetiko music, its social, economic and political influences.

Yannos Katsourides presenting on coercive Europeanisation.

Costas Christodoulides on the structures of the EU regarding welfare systems during the crisis, a comparative study.

Alexis Antoniou on the riots of 1931, explaining the events that led to a widespread violence that shaped politics for the years to come in the island of Cyprus.